Prof, Ilham RATBI, MD. Ph.D. Morocco

Dr Ratbi MD, Ph.D. and Professor of genetics at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University Mohammed V, and the Department of Medical Genetics at National Institute of Health, Rabat, Morocco.

Dr Ratbi received her medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat in 2004. She completed her residency in Medical genetics at University Mohammed V of Souissi  in 2008. She embraced an academic career by becoming assistant professor of genetics at the faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Rabat in 2009. She is currently the head of the teaching and research unit of genetics in her Faculty. Beside her teaching and research activities, she is also involved in clinical activity through weekly genetic consultations. Her fields of interest are molecular epidemiology in the Moroccan population and rare disorders (syndromology, neuromuscular, cardiovascular and infertility diseases…). She defended her PhD thesis in 2020 on Heimler syndrome for which she identified the causal genes PEX.  Dr Ratbi’s ability to combine her work as a clinical geneticist with genetic research in an understudied population in Morocco puts her at an excellent position to make significant contributions to the field of genetics or rare disorders and to develop international collaborations.

Dr Ratbi has published more than 60 articles in prestigious journals (Nature, American Journal of Human Genetics…). She is a founding member of the Moroccan Society of Medical Genetics (SMGM).