Welcome to the section dedicated to the Special Interest Group Reproductive Genetics SIG-G. Here you can read more about us, our activities and our recommended reading.

Strategic Coverage and fields of interest:

Reproductive Genetics focuses on a range of topics that involve the genetic and epigenetic aspects of both natural and assisted reproduction. It is a field constantly evolving due to the rapid technological advances and it is our focus to constantly explore how technologies can be used to help understand the biology of reproduction. Our interest expands to investigate available genetic tests to identify couples at risk of passing a genetic mutation to their offspring, to study the genetics of infertility, to acquire information about the genetic characteristics of embryos, to improve our understanding on the genetic and epigenetic regulation during development, the genetic and epigenetic impact of assisted reproduction, the use of preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), the ability to detect or correct genetic disease in human gametes and embryos, the current status of prenatal screening and diagnosis.