Welcome to the site of the Special Interest Group for Endometriosis & Endometrial Disorders (SIG-EED) of the Moroccan Society for Endometriosis and Reproductive Medicine (MSERM). Here you can read more about us, our activities and our recommended reading.

Strategic Coverage and fields of interest
The “SIG-EED” brings together two areas of women’s health that are closely related: endometriosis and endometrial disorders. We are interested in the role of the endometrium in reproductive physiology and in gynaecological disorders such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, and pelvic pain syndrome. The SIG-EED addresses all aspects of these disorders: pathogenesis (including endometrial biology), epidemiology, diagnosis, medical treatment, quality of life, social consequences of the disease, and complementary approaches to treatment including surgical techniques, topic that is covered in cooperation with the corresponding “SIG-S” Reproductive Surgery.

Objectives Overview of the Special Interest Group for Endometriosis & Endometrial Disorders (SIG-EED):
To maximise public and awareness of endometriosis and endometrial disorders
To disseminate cutting-edge knowledge on endometrial pathophysiology through the various means offered by MSERM
To update guidelines for the diagnosis and management of endometriosis and endometrial disorders.
To bring together experts from different disciplines to address in 360-degree perspective the personal and societal impact of endometriosis and endometrial disorders.
To promote evidence-based practice in clinic (e.g.,MSERM guidelines) and promote the use of protocols and SOPs in research that are harmonised and standardised in coordination with other societies (e.g., ASRM)

The Chairman Endometriosis & Endometrial Disorders SIG-EED board
Dr. Mohammed ACHOUR – Morocco