Dear Colleague,

Like much of the world, MSERM was buffeted by the winds of COVID-19 this past year. our Team, we performed resiliently amidst the challenges.

Throughout 2020, we stood by our colleagues on the frontline of the Scientific Activities and Scientific Research and Sharing Knowledge  between Multiple Fertility Centers Worldwide, Continuing Education In Endometriosis traitements and Reproductive Medicine for Gynecologists and Clinical Embryologists , Investigation in how Endometriosis is spreading and  poorly taken care of and in how to manage the economic consequences of work Absenteeism.

Surgeon Training in Endoscopic Surgery for Infertility and Endometriosis traitements, Uro-Andrologist Training in Male infertility Management, Gynecologists training in the Reproductive Medicine, Infertility Explorations, Assisted Reproductive Technology: “A.R.T.” Practice and IVF Protocols Optimisation.
Embryologists Training in the Field of Andrology, Clinical Embryology, IVF Laboratory techniques and Quality Control Assurance , Initiation of multicenter Studies at international level in the field of Endometriosis and Reproductive Medicine