In a knowledge and innovation based society characterized by fast-paced scientific discoveries, but also by knowledge transfer and international competitiveness, educational and scientific research organizations and associations hold a special place to promote challenges of the present as well as those of the future.

Their responsibility is to be leaders in decisive knowledge progress, to promote and transfer but also to establish and implement qualified expertise. In order to live up to this major responsibility, it is necessary for theses organizations to consolidate the bonds of trust with its various members and partners.

As the formost vector for development and scientific research, it is our duty to implement pillars that are focused on promoting best practice in research and continous training for fellow members and colleagues, but also on raising awarenes amongst the community, setting out ethical benchmarks, and last but not least, on establishing clear and commonly known procedures to prevent and correct potential ethical deviations.

Our quality chart aims to define explicit critereas of a painstaking and ethical scientific process, that applies in the course of our relationship with both national and international members and partners.

Through its professional activities, the IRIFIV-AISRG group is committed to ensuring :

  • The quest for excellence in research to meet the future’s scientific challenges
  • An attractive and innovative training offer designed specifically for health professionals
  • Efficient and prospective monitoring in the service of a new culture
  • Strong statement of our organization’s social responsibility
  • A groupe open to the world and committed to innovative  research development