MSERM Guideline Endometriosis

This guideline offers best practice advice on the care of women with endometriosis, including recommendations on the diagnostic approach and treatments for endometriosis for both reliefs of painful symptoms and for infertility due to endometriosis.

The guideline provides more than 10 recommendations on best practices for caring for women with endometriosis. The guideline is a full revision of – and hence replaces – the MSERM Guideline on Endometriosis (2021), with major changes in recommendations regarding the relevance of diagnostic laparoscopy and post-operative hormone therapy.

For all involved in the care of women with endometriosis, the latest MSERM Guideline on Endometriosis is a must-read!

The 2022 version of the guideline replaces the previous guideline (Guideline on the management of women with endometriosis 2021) (see the version 2022)